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    How do I turn the shoes on?

    Just where your ankle fits in to the shoe there is a small charging port that partially sticks out of the fabric. The switch for the LEDs is located just by this port. So to turn your BEAMs on you need to pinch the area around it until you find the button. For the Original Series, the switch and port are on the outer side of the shoe, whereas for the Silver Edition, the switch and port are on the inner side of the shoe. In both pictures, the thumb is pinching on the button (although yours may be in a slightly different place).

     Originals (White and Black) Silver Edition


    Do I choose one colour for the LEDs when I buy a pair?

    No, each shoe comes with all of the LED colours (red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, yellow and white) so you can select which ever one you want at the time of wearing. Or, you can go for the eighth setting which cycles through all of the colours continuously.


    How do I switch between the colours?

    Just use the same switch that turns the LEDs on and it will take you through the colours one by one.


    How do I turn the lights off?

    To turn the shoes off, just cycle past the eight colour settings and the shoes will then turn off automatically.


    How do I recharge the shoes?

    The shoes come with a simple USB charger which fits in to the shoes. So just plug them in to a laptop, or any other USB socket and the shoes will be fully charged in 3 hours. The adapter end that fits in to the shoes is micro-USB, so if you lose your charger it is easy to find a replacement. In fact, you can get a solar charger which charges the shoes three times over, great for festivals, over at LoveSpecs!


    How long do the LEDs last?

    Typically, on a full charge, the LEDs will remain bright for 8 hours, but they can last much longer, just slightly dimmer.


    What is your returns policy?

    We are happy to refund orders.

    If you simply no longer want the shoes, we will refund any order within 28 days as long as they are unworn. Let us know via email that you want to return them, and then post your BEAMs back to us, and once they have arrived we will refund you.

    If there is a fault with the shoes, then please email us to let us know. Depending on what you would prefer, we will either refund your order, or we will post you another pair completely free of charge.

    If the shoes are water-damaged then unfortunately we cannot provide a refund.


    How do I return / exchange an item?

    Please head over to our Returns and Shipping page for a step-by-step guide on returning / exchanging items.

    Did this answer all of your questions? If not, the please feel free to Contact Us via our submission form, or you can email us at: info@beamshoes.com