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    Men's LED Trainers

    From 3.00 GBP 1.00 GBP

    LED trainers are making a comeback in big way.

    A lot of us used to have the flashing shoes as kids.  You know the ones: as you walk the LEDs react to the pressure and movement light up in time with your steps, making you feel like a boss.

    Our LED shoes are similar to those, but tailored for an older audience. One of the great features of our all our shoes is that you can control exactly when the lights are on, and also what colour they are. The in-shoe pressure switch can be clicked with a press of the thumb (or the heel of your other shoe if you're advanced level) and the LEDs will turn on and glow red. Another press of the switch will change them to blue. And so on to green, purple, turquoise, yellow and finally white. Lastly, switching to the eighth mode means the LEDs cycle through all of those colours continuously.

    We currently have the two styles available, both from our Original Series; Black and White. However, we will shortly be announcing some new developments which we are very excited about. We will be expanding our range of light up shoes for Men and Women, but it is the Men's we are particularly excited about!

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