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    Light Up Shoes

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    Light up shoes are BEAM's sole focus.

    BEAM was launched in 2015 when we realised that LED shoes were making a coming back, along with other 90's fashion, but it was near impossible to buy them from the UK. Well, it was possible, but you had to purchase them on eBay and they would come from China. Not only did they take 4 weeks to arrive, but the quality left something to be desired, and then they did eventually malfunction, there was no way to return them for a refund or replacement.

    We set about creating BEAM so that people in the UK could buy LED shoes without having any of the worry that we experienced. No longer the anxiety wondering if they would arrive and if you'd just been scammed out of £25. No longer the feeling that your new shoes might break at any second. Instead BEAM is built on quality, which means you are free to enjoy yourself and have fun knowing that we are only an Email or Phone Call away if something goes wrong.

    What's more, we wanted our core focus to be LED shoes. We didn't want anything to distract us from our mission to bring them to the UK, which is why, apart from a few small accessories like laces and Pom-poms, we don't sell much else. It's for this reason that we launched with two light up shoe styles (the Original Series), brought out another style within a month (The Silver Editions), and we will be releasing many more over this coming summer. With our guarantee of quality, and also quick, easy and free shipping, we aim to be the number one brand for LED shoes in the market.