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    Kid's Light Up Shoes

    Here at BEAM we're very proud to announce the release of our newest collection: light up shoes for kids. 

    Taking inspiration from our classic and best-selling Original style for adults, we've come up with a unique design in two colours. To distinguish them as shoes for Juniors, we've gone for the old-school velcro straps.

    They also come with all the bells and whistles you would usually expect like the rechargeable battery (which lasts up to 6 hours on one charge), and 11 colour modes.

    We think kids light up shoes are going to be an integral part of the future for BEAM so we couldn't be happier to bring them out in time for Christmas

    The button is located on the inner-side of the trainers. The best way to find it is pinch the fabric. Press the button to switch them on and then cycle through the colour modes until they eventually turn off. If you hold the button down for two or more seconds the shoes will also turn off.