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    10 Fashion Trends of the 90s Making a Comeback in 2017

    10 Fashion Trends of the 90s Making a Comeback in 2017

    Last year, Pokemon made a comeback bigtime in the form of Pokemon Go. Once a childhood memory we’d all recall with nostalgia, summer 2016 quickly became known for people wondering blindly down streets attempting to snag a bulbasaur! As we covered last year, the 90s are truly coming back around in fashion, so here at BEAM we’ve stayed one step ahead of the game for 2017…

    Check out these other classic 90s fashion trends set to reappear this year!:

    Berry Lips

    Dark, wine-coloured lips were all the rage in the 90s and that look is coming back around full swing in 2017. Set aside your fake tan and embrace your natural complexion to pair with dark plum and berry coloured coloured lipsticks.


    Better still, get re-acquainted with lipgloss! Who doesn’t fondly look back on the decade where shiny, luscious lips were all the rage? Slick a line of gloss over your berry-stained lips for a real throwback to the 90s era.


    Chokers have already become a staple fashion trend since 2016, but this year that trend is only set to grow even more. Thick, velvet chokers will add a edgy, grunge vibe to even the prettiest of outfits, whilst a thin suede necklace can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

    Also on the rise in 2017 are the elastic stretch chokers synonymous with 90s pop stars including Bewitched and Britney Spears - 5 years ago you thought these plastic chokers were buried in the past, but this year everyone will be clamouring to buy their own!

    Doc Martens

    Doc Martens will no longer be reserved for tough bikers, as they’re returning to the mainstream in 2017 as a staple footwear trend. A chunky pair of Doc Martens were an iconic staple for anyone in the 90s, and this year they’ll be back.

    Match your boots with skinny jeans and a flannel shirt for a chic, skater-twist, or to add a feminine touch to your look, pair with a floral maxi dress.

    Leather Jackets

    Leather jackets are a timeless accessory that arguably will never go out of fashion. However, their popularity has waned since the 90s, and in 2017 they’re set to be the next big thing.


    A leather jacket is often worth the higher investment, and with the proper care, your jacket could last you decades - meaning all you have to do is grab it out your wardrobe the next time the trend comes back around!

    Skater Dresses

    Every 90s wardrobe featured a figure-skimming skater dress in a floral pattern, and this year you can party in style because these iconic dresses will be a summer staple.

    A brightly patterned skater dress makes the perfect outfit to pair with your BEAM shoes for a summer festival or night-time rave, but can also be accessorised to suit any occasion.


    Tamagotchi celebrate their 20th Anniversary this spring, and are releasing a short anime film for the occasion. The japanese virtual pet game shot to fame in the 90s with every kid - and even some adults - taking their tamagotchi everywhere (leading to many schools even banning them!)

    The international celebration and release of the first Tamagotchi anime film in over nine years is a sure-fire indication for the Tamagotchi trend to return, and similarly to Pokemon Go in 2016, we predict a lot of nostalgic millennials recreating their childhood with a new digital pet!


    Since the 90s, overalls have been shunned for the masses and reserved for toddlers and DIY enthusiasts, but in 2017 feel free to crack out your denim dungarees and lead the fashion brigade!

    Dungarees are one of the comfiest items of clothing you’ll wear, and the added pockets make them ideal for a summer festival or casual night out. Pair yours with a fitted crop and a fresh pair of BEAM light ups for a fashionable outfit emulating the best of the 90s trends.

    Hair Bun-Bunches

    Ask someone to describe the Spice Girls and nearly always, they’ll think of the twin mini-bun bunches hairstyle the ladies wore, and many girls of the 90s followed. Embrace your quirky side by twisting your hair into matching buns on either side of your head, letting a few wisps of hair loose for a natural, care-free look. This hairstyle is perfect for day or night - just added some killer 90s-accessories to really rock your look.

    Jelly Sandals

    We don’t know a single 90s lady who didn’t own a pair of jelly sandals. Whether yours were plain, fluorescent or glittery, jelly sandals were one of those iconic pairs of shoes that we all look back on fondly.

    Well, you’ll be delighted to know that jelly sandals are no longer a thing of your childhood, and women’s styles are now available and set to be a hit for 2017!

    Light Up Shoes

    Of course, we couldn’t make a list of iconic 90s fashion trends and not mention our own product - BEAM shoes have been rising in popularity for years, and in 2017, you’ll see light up shoes on every dance floor.

    Buy your pair today for the perfect fun, spontaneous footwear for a true 90s throwback.

    Guest Post - Jane Grates

    Guest Post - Jane Grates

     BEAM Me Up!

    Do you remember asking your mom for those amazing light up shoes that lit your way with every step? Even though those were probably the best thing in the world to us at that time, they were so limited to just one color and light up option. Now, you can relive your childhood memory by getting yourself a pair (or two) of BEAM shoes. These shoes have become the new adult fashion statement and were created to place you in the spotlight, figuratively speaking. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, there is a shoe to match everyone’s particular style and needs. You can also add accessories to your shoes such as pom poms to individualize your specific style.


    Why BEAM?

    For one, the shoes themselves are quite fashionable as they resemble popular, casual low tops. Plus, you can cop one in almost any color to match your outfit. BEAM also has different metallic lines to give you that extra pop of shine. Make no mistake; BEAM shoes are not for timid individuals. In fact, the creators of BEAM came up with the idea because they felt the need for something more attention grabbing. Behold, the adult light up shoes were born.


    Perfect, added accessory

    They also make a great accessory to your festival repertoire. Neon colors tend to be the trend at festivals so why not wear it from head to toe? Since you’re able to change the light colors on any of the shoes, there’s no telling what types of fun you can have with your feet. You’ll get up to 8 hours of rays on a full charge so you can dance the night away without worrying about losing your glow. These shoes will definitely add a splash of color to your outfit. Festival season is looming and you NEED one of these, no doubt!


    Where to wear

    Although festivals are the most popular places to find this great accessory, you’re not limited to just that. Wear them out with friends to a nightclub or bar. You’re sure to turn some heads. If you feel comfortable enough in them, you could even wear them in your next 5k Color Run and set yourself apart from all the traditional runners. You’ll surely be distracting everyone on the trail and be the envy of all.


    Because these shoes are so hot and new, you should be tempted to wear them almost anywhere you go! Bring them to popping gatherings because you’ll definitely be the life of the party. You might be careful not to wear them everyday because you’ll most likely be staring at your feet and probably not get anything done! Although they were originally created for adults, you’ll see these a lot now on kids, young twenty-somethings and everyone inbetween. So, maybe you’re not ready to make that leap just yet, but your kid is dying to have one. Get him/her a pair and watch the fun you’ll be missing out on. Soon enough, you’ll be getting one for the whole family.


    Your purchases help others

    What is also great and heartening is that BEAM prides itself on community involvement and giving back to charity. Every purchase made from BEAM donates a monetary amount to charities like LSU and Love Specs who are working on great initiatives. What isn’t to love about a company that cares about its local communities, not just the dollar? This is definitely something we can all dance to.


    The creators of BEAM wanted to send one clear message for their consumers: HAVE FUN! There is no limit to the kind of fun you’ll have with these shoes regardless if you’re single or family oriented. Not to mention, they are also pretty affordable, so there really is no excuse. So, get yourself some BEAMs and watch your level of fun accelerate. It’s time to get LIT, folks!



    Author’s Bio:


    Jane Grates


    Jane is an entrepreneur and runner from Copenhagen, Denmark. When she is not preparing for a race or travelling to popular running destinations, she typically keeps busy running her websites Nicershoes, Runnerclick and GearWeAre.


    Light Up Shoes: The Evolution

    Light Up Shoes: The Evolution
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    Celebrities in BEAM's Light up Trainers

    Celebrities in BEAM's Light up Trainers

    Celebs in BEAMs

    Watch out Paris and Milan. Move over Louboutin and Versace. These are the celebs that couldn't say no...

    It's been a big year for BEAM with the GB team wearing light up shoes at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony. Hearts across the country were won with our fun shoes. Here are some of the celebrities who couldn't resist BEAM's charm...

    1 & 2: Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse

    Top of our list our Poppy and Suki, who recently started their own fashion line together for all things pink: Pop&Suki. They've clearly got a great sense of style, which could explain why they're so thrilled with their BEAMs. Poppy is best known because of her role as a television presenter and MTV entertainment reporter, whereas Suki is a model and actress.

    3. Louise Thompson

    Louise Thompson from MIC posing with her light up shoes

    Louise is most famous for her part in the Channel 4 show Made In Chelsea. Did you know that much like our co-founder, Serena, she went to university in Edinburgh University, before going on to launch her own fashion brand, Pocket Sport?


    4. Cara Delevingne

    Cara Delivigne was spotted at Burning Man wearing our White High Tops

    Cara is most famous for her modelling career, and in fact won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014. More recently, she starred in the film Suicide Squad, alongside Margot Robbie and Will Smith, which is currently in cinemas across the UK. Cara posted this photo to her Instagram account while she was at Burning Man festival in Nevada.


    5. Piers Aggett from Rudimental

    Piers from Rudimental enjoys wearing his LED shoes on nights out

    Piers makes up one quarter of the British drum and bass group Rudimental. We've been following these guys for a while, and love what they do. They're also involved with the Love Support Unite Foundation, our partner charity, which is why you might have seen them sporting Love Specs in some of their Instagram posts.

    6. Anne-Marie

    Anne-Marie wearing her light ups at a gig

    Anne-Marie is also associated with Rudimental, with many of the songs off their newly released We The Generation album featuring her vocals. She's now focusing on her solo career, and has recently released her album Karate (did you know that she is also three-time world karate champion, how awesome is that!). Her most popular song so far has been Alarm, which peaked at number 19 in the UK chart, closely followed by Do It Right, which she is probably most famous for.

    7. Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie

    Apart from playing 'Grey Worm' in Game Of Thrones, this handsome man released his first album in Feb 2016. He's had a HUGE year with songs Bloodsport and Stronger Than Ever. We look forward to hearing more - we could listen to his tunes all day. He famously wore his BEAMs to his O2 gig in Kentish Town (above). He also features on Rudimental's most recent album.

    8. Jasmine Thompson

    This singer/songwriter has built quite a fandom for herself. She shot to the limelight after featuring on Felix Jaehn's Ain't Nobody in 2015. She now has well over 2 million subscribers to her youtube channel. She LOVES her BEAMs. Look out for her....

    Seen any other celebs rocking BEAMs? Let us know! Tag us!




    Your Go-To Guide for everything Festival Fashion related, from our favourite independent retailers.

    Soul Sergeants (@soul_sergeants)


    Much loved and admired by the likes of Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora. Bespoke hats and jackets like no other. Be ready to lead an army of friendly fashionistas straight to the dance off stage.



    Spangled (@wearespangled)
    Co-ords and bodysuits for all your festival needs, and some of the best dino-inspired sunnies - need to be seen to be believed! Their UV prints are magical. They do swimwear too…





    The Gypsy Shrine (@thegypsyshrine)


    No festival experience is complete without glitter or dash of paint. But be warned, these girls are true artists, and you will come away leaving a trail of jealousy in your wake. Can’t cope without glitter post festival? Their range of face jewels will keep you bedazzled and ready for the world.

    Glitter, paint, headdresses & chokers


    Burnt Soul (@burntsoulclothing)


    Miley Cyrus commissioned her milky mirror ball catsuit from these guys so they’re quite a big deal. All their suits are lovingly handmade. They even stock meggings and reversible suits for when you dribble ketchup down one side…




    Rosa Bloom (@thisisrosabloom)
    Glittery garms of all variety, dreamy geometric designs, kimonos an some pretty breathtaking capes. She will fulfil your sequin addiction at festivals and pop up shops across London ♥





    Couture Costumes (@couturecostumes)


    It’s the third day of the festival, the queue for the shower has been 3 hours long and your hair is starting to suffer. Enter Couture Costumes with a selection of high quality wigs to hide the filthy human you’ve become. We LOVE their glittery capes and wonder woman-esque knicker shorts.



    Tirade 13 (@tirade13)


    The disco ball is the underrated symbol of a GREAT party.Now you can become that disco ball and mesmerise people with your iridescent shimmer. Scintillating jackets, leggings and catsuits to keep the crowd dancing ‘til the sun shows her pretty face.



    Love Specs (@lovespecs)


    Need we even mention these? Our favourite sunnies and love tinted specs. These are the surest way to make a new friend. Been looking for an excuse to talk to that hot guy/girl you’ve been stalking for the last 2 days? Here’s your perfect opener. They look great, and all profits go to charity so you can wear a warm fuzzy glow as well as some sick frames.


    State of Disarray (@disarrayhq)



    All the things you didn’t think of. For the men out there despairing, do not fear, the crew at Disarray seem to have every corner covered. We especially recommend their bomber jackets and themed outfits. Brilliantly bonkers.

    House of Bricks (@myhouseofbricks)



    Last, but certainly not least. No festival fashion related list would be absolute without a touch of vintage. We’re talking real waves here. Trendy trousers, and pretty much everything else you could need. They have some sweet crop top tees and tassel earrings. Now, where’s my time machine?